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Create services, and provide new experience with
advanced ideas and care for well-being of people.



Co-operate with our partners to develope innovative products that care for well-being of people



The Tinakorn Group Companies was founded in 1987 as a chemical distributor with a commitment to supply high-quality products and excellent service. A team of knowledge and experience will be ready to give advice about chemicals to various industry groups. Tinnakorn is a sole agent for many well-know international chemical manufacturers. We are continuously developing our product and service in accordance with international standards such as ISO 9001. We are always looking for new technologies and innovation to support our customers. Therefore, we are trusted by leading international manufacturers. These are benefits to our customers:

  • Our customers can feel comfortable with constant suppliers of raw materials. We keep our promise by using air freight or other expedite ways in the time of urgency.
  • Our products are chosen using high criteria.
  • Our products are fully traceable from producers to customers.
  • We have documents to support registration and quality standards.
  • Our customers can consult our industry experts.
  • We can cooperate with customers for product development projects, using our laboratory and supporting from suppliers.


Tinnakorn’s Symbol and Spirit

The company’s symbol is T which is the first letter of the company name. We are strengthened by the symbol of the sun with a sparkling hexagon, which is the representative of the chemicals. It is a green sun in order to shine the world for a better quality of life every day.

Our company is committed and cares about customers and teams like family members based on honesty and professional work. We want to be involved in creating products and services that improve the quality of life of people alongside our partners because we believe that people can have good health and can live happily if they choose the right chemicals.

Our value and contribution to society.

  • We support universities with funds and knowledge
  • We donate some parts of our revenue to support child education, our community, and people in needs every year since our company is astablished.
  • We conduct seminars and publish knowledge to help Thai manfacturers.
  • We source, develop, and promote raw materials that good for health and well-being of people.
  • etc.


The companies in Tinnakorn Group Companies are as follows

Tinnakorn Chemical and Supply Co., Ltd

  • food additive and food ingredient
  • pharmaceutical excipient
  • chemicals for personal care

Tinnakorn Marketing Co., Ltd.

Focuses on non-food chemicals for the following businessz

  • textile
  • polyurethane and release agent for shoes and cushion
  • liquid silicone
  • chemicals for construction