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Tinnakorn group invited cheese and yoghurt manufacturing from all provinces of Thailand and Myanmar to join a two-day seminar on the topic of Advance & Innovation for Yogurt & Cheese Seminar. Our guest speaker was Mr Angelo, a Dairy technologist, Sales & Applications Area Manager from Sacco (Italy). He was an expert in Cheese and yoghurt production for almost 20 years. This seminar was limited for only manufacturers and experts in cheese and yoghurt production in order to enhance a deeper knowledge and increase problem capability in the fields.

Our company is thankful to all our participants and professors from manufacturers and universities for joining our seminar. We are glad to be a part to help to develop the cheese and yoghurt industry in Thailand, which will increase economic value to our society.

The agendy of our seminar as below :

28 Jan 2019

Yoghurt technology

Location : Landmark Bangkok Hotel

  • Influence of processing parameters (milk standardization, addition of hydrocolloids, homogenization, heat treatment, fermentation, cooling, shear stress, packaging)
  • Cultures range for yogurt & Fermented milk (characteristics & metabolic functions, parameters that affect acidifying activity)
  • EPS producer cultures (structure, functionality & cost reduction)
  • Ambient yoghurt (key process points in producing ambient yogurt)
  • Troubleshooting
  • Probiotics
  • Yogurt & Fermented milk beverages new market trends

29 Jan 2019

Mozzarella & Pizza cheese technology

Location : Faculty of Agro-industry, Kasetsart University

  •  Milk preparation for cheese production (mineral balance of milk, milk standardization)
  •  Mozzarella & Pizza cheese technology
  •  Cultures range for mozzarella & Pizza cheese
  •  Acidification and demineralization of the curd
  •  Cooking and stretching
  •  Troubleshooting (browning, blisters, shredability, chewiness, etc)
  •  Bacteriophages
  •  Cheese yield (factors in milk and process that impact cheese yield).
  •  Mozzarella & Pizza cheese new market trends
  • Mozzarella workshop

Picture : 28/01/2019 Advance & Innovation for Yogurt Seminar

Picture : 29/01/2019 Advance & Innovation for Cheese Seminar

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