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Calcium citrate

Common name: Calcium Citrate

Chemical name: Tricalcium Dicitrate Tetrahydrate

It is used to supplement calcium, prevention and treatment of calcium deficiency symptoms of the body, increase bone mass and treat Osteoporosis.

Calcium Citrate is a food additive which comparing to other Calcium-giving substances, it is good for the elderly or those who have less acid in the stomach. As it is not necessary to rely on stomach acids like Calcium Carbonate, it can be absorbed from the Gastrointestinal tract as well. In addition, it reduces flatulence when comparing to Calcium Carbonate consumption.

Tinnakon has 2 grades of calcium citrate as following:

  1. Tricalcium citrate high density : for tableting
  2. Tricalcium citrate M-2 : for beverage, and powder beverage

Our calcium citrate has Kosher for Passover, and Halal. This can make sure that you can expand your product worldwide with these standards.

package : 10 kg / bag , 25 kg/bag


Calcium Citrate is used a lot in the dairy industry to increase calcium in products such as milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt.

Calcium Citrate can also be used in the beverage industry in beverages that need calcium supplements.

Calcium Citrate can be used to supplement calcium in snack foods and breakfast cereals such as candy cornflakes, whole grains, etc.

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