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Protective cultures

Our protective cultures are produced by Sacco, a top 3 major producer for stater culture and probiotic worldwide. Sacco’s production and R&D lab had established in Italy 150 years ago, and start to expand their sales distribution to all over the world. Tinnakorn is an agent of Sacco for Thailand.

Protective cultures are good bacteria that can extend the shelf life of milk, cheese, yoghurt, and fresh fish. For cheese and yoghurt, it can prevent yeast and mould, increase the productivity of the main cultures, and enhance the flavour of the finished products. In raw milk, it can prevent psychotropic bacteria which will release an enzyme that affects the quality of the milk. Hence, it can increase the yield when making cheese, and yoghurt. For fresh fish, protective cultures can reduce or eliminate listeria monocytogenes, which is very important for exporting to the EU.


Protective cultures are bacteria that work as a natural preservative. It is popular in the EU.
This product can stop the growth of psychotropic bacteria which release some terrible enzyme.
These enzymes affect flavour and texture of the raw milk. Hence, protective culture can improve flavour and texture of the yoghurt and cheese, and increase the yield.

There are two ways to use Protective culture in cheese and yoghurt.
1. Put in milk before cheese and yoghurt production. It can improve the quality of milk. Hence increase yield and quality of the cheese and yoghurt.
2. Put directly in cheese and yoghurt. It will prevent the finished products from yeast and mould. You can also show a clean label for your products.

Put protective culture in water and spray on to fresh fish. It can prevent Listeria monocytogenes which is a major problem for fish exporter.

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