Dissolvine Na2-P (Disodium EDTA)

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Dissolvine Na2-P (Disodium EDTA)

Common name : Disodium EDTA

Chemical name : Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid, Disodium Salt

Sodium EDTA is a food additive used to control color change. It prevents unwanted characteristics of the product such as odor, turbidity and texture. It inhibits the oxidation process that causes rancid odor in products and also reduce the occurrence of dregs in the production process.

Sodium EDTA is a highly effective Chelating Agent. It is white powder with high stability to pH and temperature changes. Therefore, it is widely used, especially colored drinking water to prevent discoloration. Tinnakorn Company’s products are under license of the Nouryon Company or Akzo Nobel Specialty, manufactured in the Netherlands.

package : 25 kg/bag


It is often used to stabilize drinks and prevent metal smell in the drink. It also helps to keep the color of mayonnaise white without turning yellow.

It is generally used as Stabilizer binding to Ion, resulting in the stability of color or odor and also extending shelf life.

It is widely used in liquid medicine to keep its color unchanged.

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