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Mircap® SB (Encapsulated Sorbic Acid)

Common name: Encapsulated Sorbic Acid

Chemical name: Encapsulated Sorbic Acid

It is used to extend the bread life up to 30 days without affecting the proofing Dough process of bread.

Mircap® SB also known as Sorbic Acid that uses Microencapsulation process with RSPO Hydrogenated Palm Oil. Sorbic Acid is generally a highly effective anti-fungal agent causing spoilage in food, but it can’t be used on yeast-based breads, as it also inhibits yeast growth. On the contrary, Mircap® SB does not affect the yeast, resulting in using less yeast comparing with other preservatives. It can extend the bread life in Ambient temperature. In some cases, the bread may last up to 30 days.

package : 25 kg/bag


Mircap® SB is developed with the aim of extending the bread life from mold by up to 30 days without affecting yeast function. The Fat Ingredient covering Sorbic Acid causes Sorbic Acid to not work until it is heated during the baking process. However, Fat Ingredient melted from heat will cause the bread to be more scented.

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