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Ferrazone® (Ferric Sodium EDTA)

Common name: Sodium EDTA 

Chemical name: Ferric Sodium EDTA 

It is used to supplement iron in food.

Ferrazone® or Ferric Sodium EDTA is the best choice in preventing and treating Anemia. To supplement iron in food, it must be processed in the form that the body is ready to absorb.

Ferrazone® is safe and effective in reducing iron deficiency. It has also been suggested by the World Health Organization (Who) to use as a raw material for increasing iron in starchy foods. In addition, Ferric Sodium EDTA can also be added to beverages without causing a bitter taste that is normally found in beverages with iron supplements. It is also accepted for adding in foods throughout the world.

package : 25 kg/bag


Ferrazone® can be used to supplement iron in food and beverages, including almost dietary supplements.

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