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Common name: Gelatin

Chemical name: Gelatin

It is used to create texture and viscosity.

Gelatin is a food additive classified as Hydrocolloid. It is a kind of protein derived from natural degeneration and extracted from Collagen which is a natural protein found in the bones, skin and the connective tissues of the animals like cattle and pigs by using heat and acid or alkali to crush or decompose the collagen molecules into smaller one and change to Gelatin.

package : 25 kg/bag


In Ready To Eat Food industry, during transportation of chilled or frozen food products, the water in the food may be spilled or contaminated, causing the product to be unappetizing. When adding a small amount of Gelatin to the stir fry or curry of the food, it allows the water in the food become lump, easier to transport and not affect the taste and texture of the product after warming.

Gelatin is generally used to create a texture in Jelly Filling products.

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