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Common name : Glycine

Chemical name : Glycine

Glycine is a food additive used as a sweetener. It is an antacid component and a Buffering Agent in food and medicine.

Glycine is one of the smallest amino acids. Pure Glycine is a white powder, odorless, dissolves well in water and sweet like sugar. It also has properties to absorb calcium into the body as well.

package : 25 kg/bag


In the food and beverage industry, Glycine is another alternative of sweetening substance instead of sugar. In addition, it can also help control the acidity.

Glycine is often used in anti-diarrhea drugs. It is a mixture of antacids and sleeping pills. In addition, it is a supplement to increase the Amino acid.

In the general cosmetic industry, Glycine is commonly used as a buffering agent to control the acidity of the products.

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