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Malic acid

Common name: Malic Acid

Chemical name: Malic Acid

Malic acid is a food additive used to create sourness like fruits such as apples and watermelons. It is generally used in food, beverage, ice cream and bakery industries.

Malic is an organic acid giving a sharp sour taste. It is caused by the Kreb’s cycle of plants and mostly found in apples. It has a very high capacity of hygroscopicity and can be used in the food industry to help reduce moisture absorption, It is used as an Anti-caking agent, Browning reaction and also helps extend shelf life.

package : 25 kg/bag


Malic is another substance giving a sour taste in fruits such as apples and watermelons. Malic Acid is also used to make the sweetness of Aspartame in soft drinks more mellow and fruity taste. In addition, Malic Acid is used for hard candies to boost flavours and have good taste.

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