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Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)

Common name: Polyethylene Glycol
Chemical name: Polyethylene Glycol

Used as a solvent in other substances, especially in medicine and cosmetics. PEG3350 and PEG4000 are used as laxatives to make feces softer. PEG is also used as a foaming agent in food.

Polyethylene Glycol from Clariant, a partner with Tinnakorn, is produced in Germany, with many grades depending on molecular weight as follows PEG300 (Liquid), PEG400 (Liquid), PEG1500 (Solid), PEG3350 (Solid), PEG4000 (Solid), PEG6000 (Solid), PEG8000 (Solid), PEG10000 (Solid)


Polyethylene Glycol is often used as a foaming agent in various foods and beverages.

In the pharmaceutical industry, Polyethylene Glycol can be used as a solvent and PEG3350 PEG4000 is widely used as a laxative.

In the cosmetic industry, Polyethylene Glycol is often used as a solvent or conductor in skin creams or toothpaste.

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