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Potassium Sorbate

Common name : Potassium Sorbate

Chemical name : Potassium Sorbate .

Potassium Sorbate is a food additive used to inhibit the growth of mold and yeast. It is also used as a stabilizer for certain products.

Potassium Sorbate is a Potassium Salt of Sorbic Acid. It is white powder, odorless and flavorful. Its efficiency is that it does not react with and does not change the quality of the product, such as taste, smell, or appearance. In addition, it dissolves well in water and can be used at room temperature.

package : 25 kg/bag


In the food and beverage industry, it is often used to inhibit mold and yeast in many foods. It is generally used for cheese, yogurt, dried meat, vinegar, dried fruit, bakery products, soft drinks and fruit juices. Including herbal supplements, Potassium Sorbate is added to extend the shelf life. In wine production, it is popular to use as a Sterilizer and Preservative. (After fermentation process of wine, Potassium Sorbate will inhibit yeast function in order to prevent the increasing fermentation until getting the unwanted characteristics. After bottling process, Potassium Sorbate will prevent the re-fermentation by using together with Potassium Metabisulfite to help prevent the occurrence of various reactions and helps to make the clarity of wines such as Sweet Wines, Sparkling Wines and Hard Ciders .

In the cosmetic industry, it is often used to extend shelf life, prevent product deterioration, inhibit the growth of mold and yeast. It may be used as a preservative instead of Parabens. In addition, it is used in combination with other preservatives to provide a variety of infectious inhibition, especially microorganisms because Potassium Sorbate mainly focuses on inhibiting mold and yeast. Cosmetics that contain Potassium Sorbate in the ingredients, namely Eyeshadow, Shampoos, Moisturizers and Contact Lens solution.

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