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Sodium CMC

Common name: Sodium CMC

Chemical name: Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose

Used to give viscosity. It is a stabilizer and emulsifier. It is widely used in various industries such as the washing industry, adhesives, textiles, paper, ceramics, food and pharmaceuticals.

Sodium CMC is a white crystalline powder. It can easily be dissolved in water, even cold water. It is a hydrocolloid substance which is carbohydrate and cellulose derivatives in hydrophilic type. Modified from natural substances by improving the properties of cellulose to replace the original structure with methyl group and carboxymethyl group.

package : 20 kg/bag


It is popularly added to increase viscosity. It is used to adjust the texture and to maintain the stability of the emulsion in various products. It helps to extend the shelf life. For example, in ice cream, it will absorb water, reduce the movement of water molecules, as a result, the ice cream will have a smooth texture and no large ice crystals, or be put in syrup, canned coconut milk, icing sugar, and food coated with sugar. It will prevent crystallization. It is used to put in mayonnaise. Used as anti-colloidal substance. Put in milk or fruit juice as a suspension aid. Put in salad dressing, yogurt, beverages, and animal foods to achieve viscosity, etc.

Used to coat the tablet for stability. Used as a substance controlling the action of the drug due to Sodium CMC is insoluble in acidic conditions such as in the stomach. It dissolves in alkaline conditions, such as small intestine, for good absorption or may be used as a stabilizer for pharmaceuticals with suspensions.

Used as a thickener or stabilizer, suspension agent, film agent in products such as creams, lotions, shampoos, gels and toothpaste etc.

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