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Sodium Metabisulfite

Common name: Sodium Metabisulfite

Chemical name: Sodium Metabisulfite, Sodium Pyrosulfite

Sodium metabisulfite is a food additive. It is used as a preservative and disinfectant by inhibiting the growth of yeast, mold and bacteria. In addition, it is a bleaching agent. It can prevent the occurrence of brown color well.

Sodium Metabisulfite is a white or yellowish powder. It can be dissolved in water. It was found that the substances will gradually decompose during production and storage but should not be consumed in large quantities. Its use requires strict control.

package : 25 kg/bag


It is popularly used as a preservative and as a disinfectant, especially the dried fruit, fruit juice and wine. It can help stop the growth of yeast, mold and bacteria or use as a bleaching agent. It is found in starch, ginger, bamboo shoots and bean sprouts. This can also improve the properties of dough to make it stronger. Used in the bread, bakery, and biscuit industry, especially low fat and low sugar types. When sugar is low, it will break easily. After baking, add Sodium Metabisulfite to improve the properties. In addition, it can prevent the browning reaction. Therefore, it is commonly used with dried fruits, freshly trimmed fruits and vegetables, preserved fruits, compote, jam, granulated sugar, palm sugar, syrup, and starch products such as vermicelli and noodles.

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