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Common name: Tannic acid

Chemical name: Tannic acid

Tannin is a natural food additive used to add astringent taste in alcohol (liquor, beer, wine). It is like it was incubated in oak barrels. It can reduce the incubation time or the use of oak barrels while maintaining good taste.

Premium Tostato 

       High quality Tannin is extracted from Toasted French Oak with a special extraction process. Even with very low dosage, the aroma and flavor of the fermentation in the wooden barrels will make your alcohol look like a premium product that takes a long time to be incubated in the wooden barrel which takes a little time to incubate. It also contains Antioxidant substances, so your products will have longer shelf life and it is guaranteed by Codex Oenologique International.

Premium Whisky-Lattone SG 

Tannin is extracted from high quality American Oak with special extraction methods and drying methods for high quality raw materials. It can be easily dissolved in water. The product contains Polyphenolic which can enhance the structure of the aroma and flavor of Vintage wines without obstructing the taste.

Traditionally, even though a large amount is needed, It makes the wine pure and it can increase the smell and taste of vanilla in the wine. It also adds a soft and mild flavor to liquors and beer. It is guaranteed quality by Codex Oenologique International.

Premium Limousun SG 

       Tannin is extracted from French Limousin Oak using Slow Extraction. It produces polyphenol, which is similar to the extract obtained from incubation in wooden barrels. With the lignins in the product, Iit produces the smell of vanilla of wine that is incubated in wooden barrels., as well as creating a special aroma and flavor. We will get a deep flavor in the form of wine. This product makes the color in red wine more stable. It can increase the life of the product and it has antioxidants, including giving it a deep flavor and aroma. It will make your alcohol more full body. It is guaranteed by Codex Oenologique International.


Tannin is extracted from various types of wood. It gives a different flavor to an alcoholic drinks. It gives the feeling that the product is incubated in wooden barrels for a long time but it takes a little time.

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