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Common name: Transglutaminase or Meat Glue

Chemical name: Transglutaminase Enzyme

Used to strengthen and combine the structure of proteins. It can be used to improve the quality of protein products such as meat and dairy products, such as to improve the texture to be sticky, to reduce the separation of water in yogurt and to make the structure of the yogurt texture to be firmness and to improve the texture.

Transglutaminase is a white powder. It is an enzyme that exists in natural organisms. In an industrial environment, it is manufactured from Streptomyces Mobaraensis which is GMO-free and meets GRAS safety standards.

package : 25 kg/bag


Transglutaminase enzyme will strengthen the yogurt structure by adding a mesh between casein proteins. The product will be firmware and consistent. It can reduce syneresis.

It is commonly used to combine small pieces into large pieces. The transglutaminase enzyme works in conjunction with casein contained in the product. It looks like glue, holding the ingredients together. Therefore, transglutaminase is also known as meat glue. It can be used with protein-containing products such as milk, eggs, meat, aquatic animals, soy, and is also popular in surimi. The transglutaminase enzyme in surimi will increase the ability to absorb water in order to get a sticky texture and increase the yield from processing.

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