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Tricalcium Phosphate

Common name: Tricalcium Phosphate

Chemical name: Tricalcium Phosphate

Used as an anti-caking agent in food or beverages in powder form. It can absorb moisture up to 10% by weight and increase the amount of calcium in the product. It can also help with the distribution of tablets or tablet products.

Tricalcium Phosphate is a white powder or crystal. It has no smell and taste. It was imported from Gadot Israel. Product quality is recognized at the world class level.

package : 10 kg/bag for M-3, 25 kg/bag for High Density

ref: https://www.gadotbio.com/products/phosphates/tri-calcium-phosphate


Used as an anti-caking agent and used in powdered products to absorb moisture. It can prevent the coagulation of products such as ground pepper, milk powder, fruit juice powder, powdered drink, baking powder, seasoning powder, edible salt, and others to make it easier to be moved inside the bottle. The working principle of Anti-caking Agent is that the molecules of the substance absorb water. It will absorb water from the atmosphere that surrounds the food inside the package and the skin of the food. The food will still be low in moisture and will be dispersed without being clumped together. Used to add various functions and improve product features. For example, in Soymilk, added to increase opacity and smoothness in milk to increase the mouth feel. In addition, it can be added to use as a Buffering Agent to control pH. It is added to increase the strength of the gel in food, extend shelf life or use as a dietary supplement or compound in food to increase calcium since it contains up to 38% calcium.

Used as a precursor in the preparation of cement calcium phosphate as a material for bone damage repair. It is used as an ingredient in tablets or capsules because of its properties: Flowability and Compressibility. Other than that, it is not very expensive and helps to increase the calcium content of the product. Used as an anti-caking agent to prevent coagulation or as a flocculating agent to prevent sedimentation of suspended solids and thickening agents to increase the thickness in various ointments or creams.

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