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Zinc Citrate

Common name: Zinc Citrate Dihydrate

Chemical name: Zinc Citrate Dihydrate

Used to supplement Zinc minerals in the food and food supplement industry. It can also treat diarrhea and is used in toothpaste, mouthwash and chewing gum to reduce plaque. It inhibits bacteria and bad breath.

Zinc Citrate is zinc in Citrate form. It can be dissolved in water well in acid conditions. It is a white powder and has no smell. It contains up to 31% zinc content, which is the most among the zinc derivative. Zinc citrate does not have any taste, so it is very good to use in other foods.

package : 500 g/bag


Zinc is an important mineral for testosterone. Zinc deficiency contributes to decreased white blood cells in the body. Reduces the ability to heal wounds and fight germs. In addition, it will reduce the perception of sweet and salty tastes. Therefore, people will consume more intense taste than they should.

Zinc Citrate is a source of minerals. Zinc helps to strengthen the immunity associated with enzyme activity, and it has various benefits to the oral cavity, such as reducing plaque and reducing bacterial volume. Zinc Ion directly affects Anaerobic Bacteria and it reduces the amount of Volatile Sulfur Compound which causes bad breath.

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