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Monk Fruit Juice Concentrate

Common name: Luohan Guo, Monk Fruit,

Chemical name: Mongroside

Used to provide sweetness instead of sugar. Its sweetness is about 18 times than sugar. It provides natural sweetness and low energy. It is popularly used in food for health lovers.

Monk Fruit Juice Concentrate is intense monk fruit that is high in sweetness. Its appearance is a light-yellow liquid. Its consumption is very low when compared to sugar. Monk fruit is a fruit that originated in China, and well-known in Thailand for a long time as Luohan Guo. In many countries such as Australia, New Zealand, it can be put as a syrup. It is not a food additive. It does not require claim on the label. It is clean label and it is a natural sweetener.

Monk Fruit juice concentrate is suitable as a sweetener for ketogenic diet. When consumed, it does not increase the insulin level in blood.

package : 1 kg/bag, 5 kg/bag, 20 kg/drum


Monk Fruit Juice Concentrate is a non-energy sweetener. It does not produce calories which have no side effects in eating. Its sweetness is 18 times compared to normal sugar. In foreign countries, Monk fruit is used to sweeten together with Erythritol for a more mellow sweetness.

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